If you have been following the progress or just now seeing this thread, here are more progress photos to share as the job is now basically complete, only a few final touch ups left. I uploaded more to the portfolio feel free to browse 🙂

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If you saw our first post the next step after the rough plumbing is done and sheetrock up we started tiling the bathrooms. This project has 2 bathrooms: Framing, durock, drywall, compound, paint and tile prep done as per plans. In right bathroom with tub floor tiles are Retro Mosaic in […]

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Framing-Drywall-Complete Renovation
This is the first post for a current project we are working on in Manhattan started End of April, Beginning of May. We will keep posting images of the progress of the renovations and descriptions of each step. Sorry, no Before Pictures because Demo was already done by other company. […]

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Recessed Lighting & Skylight
Almost all renovations we’ve done for the past few years have been with recessed lighting where possible. On the rise is recessed lighting in the bathroom and even in the shower area. Kitchen, dining room and living room are still the most popular areas. Dimmers are usually installed for lighting […]

Recessed Lighting Trend – Go for LED lighting!